Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Meet BWAC Member: Hyacinth Paul

I "met" Hyacinth because I uploaded her work to the BWAC Artsy gallery. I enjoyed seeing her paintings and became especially curious about her art making when I learned about her background as a scientist.


A Walk in the Woods,  16X20 inches without frame and 18X22 inches with frame    

Hyacinth is donating this painting to BWAC's Ukraine fundraiser.

Why do you make art?

 I make art because it makes me feel happy and I was surprised that it moves people and they respond to it positively as well.  It starts a conversation and that is so satisfying to me.  It is a way for me to communicate my thoughts I feel in a particular moment through the colors on my palette. I stopped creating art on a canvas after I turned nine years of age once I picked science as a subject of study, I did not have the time to create paintings.  But after 2018, I just can’t stop creating!

What tools/materials do you find essential in your studio?

 I need a peaceful place to create, above all.  The stillness of the night where my thoughts are free is key.  In terms of physical materials, a good painting surface, quality paints - both oils, & acrylic and more recently water colors are essential. I also like experimenting with different mixed media that I incorporate into my paintings as well as implements other than brushes. 

Where do you find inspiration?

 My inspiration is the beautiful world around me.  I am inspired by bright colors.  I love the interplay of color and believe that color sparks synesthesia and involuntarily evokes feelings of joy.  I was always drawn to bright colors and used it in my everyday life.  Unbeknownst to me, when I created 58 paintings in the 58th year of my life and arranged it on my website, I was shocked to see how colorful my paintings were. Upon analyzing the reason why that was so, I came to the conclusion that I was using color all my life to lift up my spirits.  

 How long have you been a member of BWAC and what has been the greatest benefit?

I have been a member of BWAC for the past three years.  In fact, I started applying to juried shows a year after I started creating art and was pleasantly surprised when 8 of my pieces were accepted into one of their exhibits to be displayed in Manhattan for a year.  Of course the Pandemic made that over two!  However, despite the Pandemic, I found that the artists were very accepting and encouraging of my work and have given me the opportunity to be a part of their Grants committee.  Several members have reached out to me in various capacities and it has been a joyful and inclusive experience thus far.  I am humbled by the encouraging words and emails I receive that are so uplifting for an artist who just started working in earnest since 2018. 

How has your career as a scientist informed your artwork?

My background as a scientist makes me think critically about each piece of my art.  I always communicate my feelings through my art.  I wanted my art to inspire people to ask questions. I want my art to be open to interpretation and allow the viewer to speak freely about the colors I throw on my canvas, what they mean to them and how it makes them feel. I also use my art to make a statement for or against an issue I deeply believe in. While I have collected and created abstract art, I am very drawn to art that has hyperrealism in it.   I have created a few realistic pieces, and I think that it is an area I need to improve on.

What do you hope to accomplish with your artwork?

I want to become a small influence on getting policy makers and people to understand the power of art on the general mental health and wellbeing of people around the world.  The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that one in seven people around the world suffer from mental health problems and I believe that art helps lessen the burden and in particular we need to study the effect color has on the mental well being of an individual.  I hope I can communicate this effectively through my art and my work.


Please include one image of work you think best represents your creative vision. Why? Be sure to provide the size and media of the image you are sending me. I also pick something from your website to include.


Amazon by Hyacinth Paul 36X48 inches

Amazon includes the colors of the Amazon. A few years ago the news inspired me to hasten the painting only because the beautiful colors are now being marred with the colors of fire, smoke and destruction. This is a true calamity. However, the bigger calamity- that we are all a part of is, that we as a people are not doing enough to protect the planet we call home. I hope my paintings will inspire people to take a closer look and perhaps, do something as simple as choosing to take their own grocery bags to the grocery, to ditch the one time use plastics and water bottles, recycle and better yet, go out this Fall and plant a tree. I have faith in the world and its inhabitants. Surely we are not going to obliterate our own existence.

Learn more about Hyacinth's work on her website, 


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