Sunday, May 22, 2022

Learn the Art of Curating as an Assistant


Have you ever wondered how an exhibit at BWAC comes together? 
What needs to happen to get the work in the door and up on the walls? BWAC’s exhibition schedule provides numerous opportunities each year for members and interns to assist the curators and learn the ropes, one of the myriad experiences BWAC makes available to its members to expand their skill set and support each other.

A curator needs to know the gallery space like the back of their hand. The real magic is placing each work of art in the perfect spot, arranging the pieces to be mutually complimentary and creating a visual flow through the exhibit. This is part of the magic and expertise of a skilled curator.

There's lots of handwork to hang the show. Artwork has to be unpacked and packing materials stores for return shipping. Work is then placed around the gallery to finalize the placement of each piece. Last but not least is the hanging, which involves ladders, screw guns and levels.

Want to get involved? Terry Urban and Sandy Forrest are curating the Wide Open exhibition and would appreciate your help. You can reach Sandy at Not available now, you can always contact BWAC admin (, presidents or board members to volunteer. Join in the fun, learn something and make a difference.
What would you like to see highlighted in a BWAC Buzz post? Let me know. I am always interested in your thoughts.


Wednesday, May 4, 2022

BWAC is Back

BWAC burst into spring with three blockbuster shows now on view Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm - 6pm through June 5th. We had a good crowd celebrating the opening of our 2022 season and appreciating the amazingly diverse and exceptional collection of artworks on exhibit.

Elements Manju Shandler, Tapestry, tapestry


Elements is a national juried show focusing on a contemporary interpretation of the five elements, considered the building blocks of life. There are 122 of pieces in the exhibit from artists all over the country. Elements is also available on our Artsy site.


Sky Earth Sea, Susan Handwerker, Orange Turtle, ceramic

Sky Earth Sea

Aligned with Elements, the BWAC members show on the second floor of the gallery is Sky Earth Sea. The member shows provide numerous opportunities during the season for member artists to exhibit their work.


Art and Artists for Ukraine, Jeffrey Haddorff, Listen to My Eyes, clay and steel

Art and Artists for Ukraine

With matching funds provided by Gap Inc, Art and Artists for Ukraine is a fundraiser for Ukranian refugees. Half of the proceeds will go to the USA for UNHCR fund established by the United Nations to help refugees of the war in Ukraine. The Gap’s generous contribution doubles the assistance provided to families in need. See the exhibition and make purchases on the BWAC Artsy site.

My Favorites

As I walked through the gallery on Saturday, I was impressed with the diversity of the work represented. There is something for everyone…you must see it for yourself.

Here are a few other standouts for me.

Elements, Terrie Powers, Earth Exposure, painting on unstretched canvas

I am a rock hound and love this depiction with its scale and palette. The image renders an almost light and airy quality to these grounding objects.

Elements, Ann G Corbett, Gardener's Eden, acrylic and marker on canvas

What a perfect depiction of spring: the exuberance of new growth and that wonderful pale green we associate with the season.


Sky, Earth, Sea, Broderick Price, Yankee Doodle, archival giclee

I had the opportunity to talk to Broderick and spend some time observing this work. I am drawn in and find new vistas to explore every time I look at it.



Sky, Earth, Sea, John Jerard

What great whimsy, although I am sure this is based on a real creature. The 3D work in these three exhibits adds so much to the experience. For me the work really came alive.

Makers Market

Don't forget the artwork available in our store as you enter the gallery. Sandy Forrest has some new ceramic boxes and this jar, almost good enough to eat.



Makers Market, Sandy Forrest, ceramic

Have you seen the shows? 

What were your favorites? What caught your eye?

I want to entice you to get down to the gallery before June 5th or actually get down numerous times and bring your friends. BWAC is Back!

Please share this post with your friends and family. BWAC is all about artists helping each other and sharing our work.