Thursday, January 6, 2022

Why I'm A Member of BWAC: Join Us

Kristin Reiber Harris:

I have been making animation, prints, drawings and teaching for over 40 years. I moved to NYC (Bay Ridge) three years ago. I came for family reasons but liked the idea of being in such a creative environment. As luck would have it, Alicia Degener (BWAC co-president) is a neighbor and I met her soon after I arrived. She was very generous to include me in a number of shows last year as a non-member. I am now officially a member and on the Board of Directors. 

I enthusiastically embrace my active participation in BWAC because it is inclusive, ambitious and truly invested in supporting the arts and its members. The space is an exciting venue. I have seen some incredible artwork and met (despite this crazines) many wonderful artists. The more the merrier, JOIN US!

Brooke Lambert:

Although I live and work in Lowell, MA, I am always looking for new ways to expand my network and exhibit my art beyond the Boston area. I first discovered BWAC while searching for printmaking calls for art in New York. I applied for BWAC’s juried show Prints 2021 and was excited to get in. At the show opening and closing, co-presidents Susan and Alicia both encouraged me to join BWAC. I was so thrilled! Living in Massachusetts, BWAC membership involves  traveling 4-6 hours to participate in shows and my volunteer contributions are done remotely. I think it’s well worth it for this amazing opportunity to enter into the New York art scene and share my art with the impressive community of artists in this gallery and beyond. JOIN US!


Alicia Degener:

I am a member to work with fellow artists to run one of the most inspiring exhibition spaces in NYC.

I have no less than 25,000 sq ft of civil war warehouse space overlooking the Statue of Liberty in Red Hook Brooklyn to dream up and curate shows with my fellow members. Providing artists with an amazing space to realize even their biggest ideas is very rewarding as well as the appreciation folks express when they interact with art in person. JOIN US!


Susan Handwerker

Why I’m in BWAC? So many reasons! I’ve learned so much about making and displaying art, jurying, curating, publicizing shows, interacting with other artists and visitors, the extraordinary complexities of maintaining a gigantic gallery space and a volunteer organization simultaneously. But mostly, i just know it’s the best deal in town for artists, friends, visitors and collectors! It makes the New York art scene a little more friendly and encouraging for artists to engage with other artists, to access professional feedback and have a beautiful space to exhibit. Bwac allows our diverse community to give voice to new creative directions and push past boundaries with each other’s help. Artists helping artists. Really! JOIN US!

Check out the BWAC website for information about membership benefits.

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