Sunday, July 17, 2022

A Sampling from the BWAC Maker's Market: Part 1

There are many reasons to visit the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition. Multiple exhibits of members work as well as juried shows with art from all over the country are hanging simultaneously.

Another excellent reason to visit BWAC is the Maker's Market. This shop offers a wide variety of artwork, crafts, health and beauty products, juvenile fiction and coloring books made by BWAC members.

Here's a sampling of that variety. John and Wendy offer pet inspired artwork from cat pillows, digital prints, collage and more. Have a cat or a dog? Or just like them, you'll love their work.

John and Wendy, Cat Pillows

Look at this Tattooed Dog, digital print on canvas. We certainly have our pet fans covered.

John and Wendy, digital print on canvas


Ingrid Butterer offers a beautiful selection of fiber and ceramic art in a soothing palette.


Alicia Degner's tile coasters are a perennial favorite. They feature iconic scenes of New York City.


Alicia Degner, tile, Brooklyn Bridge


A recent addition are Jessie Schulman's cards of her stunning nature photography and as well as her Rosh Hashanah cards.



Lisett Clark is selling notebooks, very small books and prints of her fabric collage pieces. If you look carefully you can see her tiny book earrings.


Speaking of earrings I was thrilled to find Pat Dignan's Out of the Woods selection of jewelry. I am a huge fan of treasures found in the woods. Here are her lichen earrings.


I am selling collages, prints and yesterday added free coloring book pages to introduce my two coloring books available in the Maker's Market.

This is truly the tip of the iceberg of the wonderful offerings at the Maker's Market. There are literally hundreds of items available for immediate purchase. We've got you covered for beautiful, whimsical, humorous, practical and just plain cool.

Maker's Market is open during regular BWAC hours, Saturday and Sunday 1 - 6 pm. The shop is located right by the front door on the Van Brunt side of the gallery.

Share this post with your friends and family. Make sure they know about this wonderful opportunity to not only support local artists but to add  more art to their lives.

Have work in the Makers Market? Let me know what you'd like me to feature in Part 2.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Studio Visit: Renee Radenberg

It all started with a ferry ride. I am a big fan of Renee Radenberg’s glass art and I wanted to learn more about her process and see her studio. As it turned out, my son was visiting from Florida with his bike at the time so we grabbed the ferry to visit Renee and bike on the boardwalk in  Rockaway Park.

Verrazzano Bridge

Renee’s studio is the entire lowest level of her home, rebuilt after being destroyed during storm Sandy. I’m sure it was impressive before but now it’s a showplace of her work, tools and supplies.


Renee in her studio


This assortment of glass welcomes visitors on entering the studio highlighting the color and unique quality of glass. What becomes immediately clear is that she has tools! I have never been in a studio space so decked out…but then I'm more likely to frequent drawing and painting studios with few requirements for tools.



I was immediately drawn into the work she had on her tables.Each piece goes through a number of steps in the process to completion: sawing, layering and distorting. If you are interested in working with glass, she does offer classes.

Glass has such unique qualities of color; think stained glass windows. Translucence is obviously an important characteristic but glass can also be opalescent with it's own appeal. As with any material it has its own language. That language certainly speaks to me.

This piece is made with glass frit (crushed glass) and then fired which forms a ‘Lacey’ look.

This piece is layering of glass with textured glass (fired so you can feel the glass but it is fused to the top layer of glass. We call it a Tac fuse) on the top layer. The materials used are glass powders, glass enamels, frit and small pieces of sheet glass.

More Tools

Did I say tools?

For sawing glass

Set up for photographing her work

We had a wonderful visit, saw some amazing art and had a nice bike ride and ferry ride home.

Be sure to check out her work at the BWAC Makers Market. There are many lovely pieces in a wide range of prices.

Renee's website 

Renee's Instagram  She does a great job including video of her work in progress

I look forward to more studios visits with BWAC members. Let me know if you are interested.

Kristin Reiber Harris

Sunday, June 12, 2022

The Hum of the Human Engine that Keeps BWAC Ticking

This is my love letter to BWAC. I left BWAC Saturday afternoon awestruck again by the dedication of so many people who keep the organization not just running but thriving. The sheer size of the gallery and the number of exhibits on view simultaneously is quite amazing. But let me start at the beginning. Three years ago I met Alicia Degener soon after moving to Brooklyn from Virginia. She introduced me to BWAC and encouraged me to participate. I jumped in.

As a new member I am still learning the ropes and making connections with other artists. As a member of the Board of Directors I have gotten acquainted with my fellow board members. I recently reached out to Renee Radenberg and Sandy Forrest and had lovely visits with both. As a result of our time together, Sandy was kind enough to offer to come pick me up in Bay Ridge and help me get artwork to BWAC for both the Makers Market and the members show, Portals.

Benefits of the BWAC Experience: interacting with kind, talented artists who go out of their way to be supportive


Ann G Corbett, Gardner's Eden, acrylic and marker on canvas. Juried exhibit: Elements.

When I arrived at BWAC on Saturday, I brought in my work for the Market to set up my table and then head upstairs to hang 4 collages in the member's exhibit, Portals. While I was doing those two things, Terry Urban and Sandy Forrest were in the main gallery downstairs accepting work for Wide Open 12, the juried exhibit they are co-curating. Sandy has helped me appreciate the amount of time and dedication curators put into a show. Attention to detail and communication skills are essential, then there’s all the running around in the gallery itself hanging artwork, etc. Tamavis, Arden and Renee Radenberg (co-curator of Elements) were also on the first floor on Saturday getting The Elements show down, packing up the shipped artwork, and having the artists pick up so Wide Open can be placed on the walls. These artists are all making amazing contributions to the organization. Read on, there are many others who keep BWAC humming.

To be clear, all exhibiting members work but some much more than others.

Benefits of the BWAC Experience: the juried shows attract national and international artists and help support the gallery with entry fees. In addition they get the word out to artists and collectors about what we do at BWAC and attract new members. All of this elevates our status as member/exhibiting artists.


My work in the Makers Market at BWAC. Collages and coloring books.

I really appreciate the opportunity BWAC provides me (and all members) to share my work in the gallery, the Market and on Artsy. I was pleased that one of my collages in the Ukraine benefit show sold on Artsy. I have a tendency to focus on making not selling my work. BWAC makes it easier to me to share and potentially sell my work in the members show with no additional fees.

The members' exhibits would not be possible without the contribution of innumerable volunteer hours by members that make it all work. A special shout out to Joe Banish, Faith, Arden and others working on Saturday whose names I regrettably don’t know. I have never been to BWAC when Jessica Schulman wasn’t at a computer keeping the data stream flowing and setting up volunteer schedules.  Not to forget our admin, Pat Dignan. A very special thanks to all of them and the other unnamed worker bees.

Benefits of the BWAC Experience: share and potentially sell my artwork instead of having it pile up in my studio!


Cynthia Ruse

After 3 hours of set up and hanging on Saturday, I was ready to make a break for it. Frankly, I was tired and ready to get outside. However, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to see other members' work. I wandered around a little bit on my way out of the gallery to head home. Then I saw Cynthia Ruse’s work as she was hanging it in the members show. I stopped dead in my tracks. 


Cynthia Ruse, Matchbooks, ink, pencil, collage and flame

I introduced myself and learned a little bit more about her and her work. Incredibly she paints on matchbooks, not exclusively of course. I saw the work and didn’t even see the matches until I was told what the pieces were painted on. After that I couldn't not see the matches. We had a delightful, short conversation and her work opened up whole new ways of seeing, thinking and working.

Benefits of the BWAC Experience: meet new artists whose work expands my vision

 BWAC is truly artists helping artists. If you aren’t a member, why not? Join us. We have members all over the country.

Join us on Saturday, June 18th from 1 - 6pm
for the opening of our new exhibitions and start reaping the benefits of BWAC. This is what you’ll see:

• Wide Open 12: a national juried exhibition
• They/He/She: LGBTQ+ fundraising exhibition coinciding with Pride Month
• Portals, BWAC member exhibition
• Dreams Beyond Reason: a solo exhibition by Emily Legleitner
ยช Good Neighbors Park Slope: an exhibition by members of an aging in place community


 Have a good idea for a blog post? Let me know. Kristin Reiber Harris,

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Learn the Art of Curating as an Assistant


Have you ever wondered how an exhibit at BWAC comes together? 
What needs to happen to get the work in the door and up on the walls? BWAC’s exhibition schedule provides numerous opportunities each year for members and interns to assist the curators and learn the ropes, one of the myriad experiences BWAC makes available to its members to expand their skill set and support each other.

A curator needs to know the gallery space like the back of their hand. The real magic is placing each work of art in the perfect spot, arranging the pieces to be mutually complimentary and creating a visual flow through the exhibit. This is part of the magic and expertise of a skilled curator.

There's lots of handwork to hang the show. Artwork has to be unpacked and packing materials stores for return shipping. Work is then placed around the gallery to finalize the placement of each piece. Last but not least is the hanging, which involves ladders, screw guns and levels.

Want to get involved? Terry Urban and Sandy Forrest are curating the Wide Open exhibition and would appreciate your help. You can reach Sandy at Not available now, you can always contact BWAC admin (, presidents or board members to volunteer. Join in the fun, learn something and make a difference.
What would you like to see highlighted in a BWAC Buzz post? Let me know. I am always interested in your thoughts.


Wednesday, May 4, 2022

BWAC is Back

BWAC burst into spring with three blockbuster shows now on view Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm - 6pm through June 5th. We had a good crowd celebrating the opening of our 2022 season and appreciating the amazingly diverse and exceptional collection of artworks on exhibit.

Elements Manju Shandler, Tapestry, tapestry


Elements is a national juried show focusing on a contemporary interpretation of the five elements, considered the building blocks of life. There are 122 of pieces in the exhibit from artists all over the country. Elements is also available on our Artsy site.


Sky Earth Sea, Susan Handwerker, Orange Turtle, ceramic

Sky Earth Sea

Aligned with Elements, the BWAC members show on the second floor of the gallery is Sky Earth Sea. The member shows provide numerous opportunities during the season for member artists to exhibit their work.


Art and Artists for Ukraine, Jeffrey Haddorff, Listen to My Eyes, clay and steel

Art and Artists for Ukraine

With matching funds provided by Gap Inc, Art and Artists for Ukraine is a fundraiser for Ukranian refugees. Half of the proceeds will go to the USA for UNHCR fund established by the United Nations to help refugees of the war in Ukraine. The Gap’s generous contribution doubles the assistance provided to families in need. See the exhibition and make purchases on the BWAC Artsy site.

My Favorites

As I walked through the gallery on Saturday, I was impressed with the diversity of the work represented. There is something for everyone…you must see it for yourself.

Here are a few other standouts for me.

Elements, Terrie Powers, Earth Exposure, painting on unstretched canvas

I am a rock hound and love this depiction with its scale and palette. The image renders an almost light and airy quality to these grounding objects.

Elements, Ann G Corbett, Gardener's Eden, acrylic and marker on canvas

What a perfect depiction of spring: the exuberance of new growth and that wonderful pale green we associate with the season.


Sky, Earth, Sea, Broderick Price, Yankee Doodle, archival giclee

I had the opportunity to talk to Broderick and spend some time observing this work. I am drawn in and find new vistas to explore every time I look at it.



Sky, Earth, Sea, John Jerard

What great whimsy, although I am sure this is based on a real creature. The 3D work in these three exhibits adds so much to the experience. For me the work really came alive.

Makers Market

Don't forget the artwork available in our store as you enter the gallery. Sandy Forrest has some new ceramic boxes and this jar, almost good enough to eat.



Makers Market, Sandy Forrest, ceramic

Have you seen the shows? 

What were your favorites? What caught your eye?

I want to entice you to get down to the gallery before June 5th or actually get down numerous times and bring your friends. BWAC is Back!

Please share this post with your friends and family. BWAC is all about artists helping each other and sharing our work.


Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Art and Artists for Ukraine

Join the artists who have already made contributions to this fundraiser. Learn more about the exhibit below and how you can join us. This is open to all, not just BWAC members.


Kenneth E. Parris III 

Friend of BWAC, Kenneth E. Parris III has donated this painting to the Art and Artists for Ukraine fundraiser. The exhibit will be on site at BWAC and on Artsy. I asked Kenneth a few questions about this artwork.

Title: RESIST Portrait: Standing with Ukraine 2, watercolor and graphite on paper, 10"x7"

What was your motivation in creating this painting?
There’s artists fighting on the front lines in Ukraine, defending their homes and families from real aggression. People in Russia are protesting this war at great risk to their safety and livelihood. The least I can do is make a painting and hope it raises a lot of money to help. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Meet BWAC Member: Hyacinth Paul

I "met" Hyacinth because I uploaded her work to the BWAC Artsy gallery. I enjoyed seeing her paintings and became especially curious about her art making when I learned about her background as a scientist.


A Walk in the Woods,  16X20 inches without frame and 18X22 inches with frame    

Hyacinth is donating this painting to BWAC's Ukraine fundraiser.

Why do you make art?

 I make art because it makes me feel happy and I was surprised that it moves people and they respond to it positively as well.  It starts a conversation and that is so satisfying to me.  It is a way for me to communicate my thoughts I feel in a particular moment through the colors on my palette. I stopped creating art on a canvas after I turned nine years of age once I picked science as a subject of study, I did not have the time to create paintings.  But after 2018, I just can’t stop creating!

What tools/materials do you find essential in your studio?

 I need a peaceful place to create, above all.  The stillness of the night where my thoughts are free is key.  In terms of physical materials, a good painting surface, quality paints - both oils, & acrylic and more recently water colors are essential. I also like experimenting with different mixed media that I incorporate into my paintings as well as implements other than brushes. 

Where do you find inspiration?

 My inspiration is the beautiful world around me.  I am inspired by bright colors.  I love the interplay of color and believe that color sparks synesthesia and involuntarily evokes feelings of joy.  I was always drawn to bright colors and used it in my everyday life.  Unbeknownst to me, when I created 58 paintings in the 58th year of my life and arranged it on my website, I was shocked to see how colorful my paintings were. Upon analyzing the reason why that was so, I came to the conclusion that I was using color all my life to lift up my spirits.