Sunday, May 22, 2022

Learn the Art of Curating as an Assistant


Have you ever wondered how an exhibit at BWAC comes together? 
What needs to happen to get the work in the door and up on the walls? BWAC’s exhibition schedule provides numerous opportunities each year for members and interns to assist the curators and learn the ropes, one of the myriad experiences BWAC makes available to its members to expand their skill set and support each other.

A curator needs to know the gallery space like the back of their hand. The real magic is placing each work of art in the perfect spot, arranging the pieces to be mutually complimentary and creating a visual flow through the exhibit. This is part of the magic and expertise of a skilled curator.

There's lots of handwork to hang the show. Artwork has to be unpacked and packing materials stores for return shipping. Work is then placed around the gallery to finalize the placement of each piece. Last but not least is the hanging, which involves ladders, screw guns and levels.

Want to get involved? Terry Urban and Sandy Forrest are curating the Wide Open exhibition and would appreciate your help. You can reach Sandy at Not available now, you can always contact BWAC admin (, presidents or board members to volunteer. Join in the fun, learn something and make a difference.
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