Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Art and Artists for Ukraine

Join the artists who have already made contributions to this fundraiser. Learn more about the exhibit below and how you can join us. This is open to all, not just BWAC members.


Kenneth E. Parris III 

Friend of BWAC, Kenneth E. Parris III has donated this painting to the Art and Artists for Ukraine fundraiser. The exhibit will be on site at BWAC and on Artsy. I asked Kenneth a few questions about this artwork.

Title: RESIST Portrait: Standing with Ukraine 2, watercolor and graphite on paper, 10"x7"

What was your motivation in creating this painting?
There’s artists fighting on the front lines in Ukraine, defending their homes and families from real aggression. People in Russia are protesting this war at great risk to their safety and livelihood. The least I can do is make a painting and hope it raises a lot of money to help. 

 What was the source image?
The piece is based on an image of Oxana Nikitas from Kyiv holding her 3yr old daughter Nika by Erin Schaff for The New York Times. Inspiration for color was drawn from the flag and the sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine.

How long have you been a member of BWAC?
I’m not a member of BWAC but had some work in the Red Hook Summer Pop Up Show with a lot of fellow Chashama Artist’s in 2019. Alicia Degener invited me to participate in Art and Artists for Ukraine because she knew I was looking for a place to donate this piece.

Other than being an empathetic human being and responding to the suffering in Ukraine, do you have other ties to that country?
My hairdresser, one of my longest friendships in New York City, is from Ukraine. But part of this is also a response to comments I was witnessing on social media around the separation of art and politics. Most visual artists like myself make work in isolation, and cherish the time sinking deep into the crevices of the mind and soul, yet we connect all of this with the world around us. I see it as part of the job: listening, observation, building bridges of connection, to empower all of us to ask more questions, to imagine what the world could be, or find beauty in dark times. To say art and politics are separate is to deny our responsibility of citizenship, to deny our participation in the world, and to reduce the power and possibility of the work we produce.

Here’s what you need to know to participate. Share this information with all of your artist friends, BWAC members or not.

BWAC is partnering with Gap Inc. to raise funds for Ukrainian refugees. You will retain 50% of the sale of your work, the other 50% goes to the USA for UNHCR fund established by the United Nations. Gap Inc will match the proceeds of any sales.
All artwork in any medium is welcome
Preferably framed work, ready to hang. If in doubt, ask Alicia
This is NOT an auction. Price must be at least $100 minimum or more for this fundraiser

You may bring more than one piece

IF POSSIBLE, use the registration form link above to upload images and art info for the pieces you will bring for this special wall (just click the time/day you may have already chosen for your installation time). These are going to be UPLOADED TO ARTSY, so give us your best images, please!

Please drop off your art when you come for your scheduled time to hang your work. DO NOT be confused by the call for entries on the website -- members can just drop their work off, no entry fee or submission required. We are merely looking to expand the show with contributions from artists outside of BWAC. 

If you are choosing not to be in the spring member show, you can still drop off art for Art and Artists for Ukraine on any of the installation days, no schedule needed. Please attach the label info on the back of each piece.

Join us for the opening on Saturday, April 30. See you there!

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