Sunday, August 15, 2021

Meet BWAC Artist: Gene Dunn

Gene contacted Joe Banish of the Communication Committee about his intervew in Portray magazine. He wanted to know if we could run it on the blog. Joe passed the information on to me. I appreciated the heads up and contacted Gene to see if he would like to participate in my series of artist interviews. The link to the Portray article is at the end of this post with other links to his work and social media. 

As we are rolling out the blog, I am particularly interested in producing series of posts that are similar in style and easily accessible for the reader. I think it adds to the conversation in a short interview to see the artists in context to each other because they are answering the same questions. Do you agree? 

Meet Gene Dunn:

pastel and charcoal on paper, 11x14

Why do you make Art? 


I’m not so sure if I’m making something, or if something is making me. That being said I’m fascinated by aiming to be present to some of the more sublime moments I’m experiencing from the subject and expressing it, or get as close as I can to expressing it. It’s a good place for me to put some of my more intense feelings.

What tools/materials do you find essential in your studio?


I’m in a Love affair with a couple of different items in my studio:

A KOH-I-HARDTMUTH mechanical pencil

This Fat-ass brush that through so much handling no longer has any logo left on it—I use it for watercolors

Pan pastels

CENTURION Deluxe oil primed linen

FABRIANO 100% cotton watercolor paper

Williamsburg oil paints.

It amazes me how some items no matter how deep you go are constant companions. I guess like any good Love affair the more you give to them the more they give back. Good stuff!



Where do you find inspiration?


For me there are multiple answers to this question. Part of my inspiration strategy is to be working. I just know deep inside that when I’m working inspiration is coming. The other side of this is that sometimes I’ll see an image of someone or something and it won’t leave me alone and I’m not always sure why but it will keep tapping on my shoulder so to speak. Painting or drawing is kinda like using a decoder ring. Lots of times at the end of the journey I get to find out why the thing has been nagging me for so long. I guess that deep desire to know why is also very inspiring to me.



How long have you been a member of BWAC and what has been the greatest benefit?


I’ve been a member for 2 months now. It’s been an incredible experience to be around all these amazing artists and get such positive feedback and support from everyone. I feel like the little girl in the bumble bee costume from the Blind Melon video when she finally meets everyone else that likes to dress like a bumble bee, and they’re all dancing together in the meadow, like YES!!!!



Please include one image of work you think best represents your creative vision. Why?

                              Keith, oil on canvas, 12"x14"


I think this Keith Richards portrait is really the one. For me the experience was profound, it all came together in a way that supported something just moving through me. That something I believe got transferred onto the canvas. It was and remains quite powerful.

Gene's links:


  1. Great interview!!! Wonderful way of connecting deeper to artists & their work. Well done. I appreciate you & your art more💜 Excited to join this amazing art community.

  2. So grateful to know you or so many years and so joyful to witness the flourishing energy and creative zest that can only come from your determination and trust in all things Loving....I applaud you and never forget....”the Best is Yet to Come!” Suzanne N.